We will be closed July 1 thru 7 for the 4th of July holiday. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Stuck in the house? Time to frame!

Our customers sometimes give us the best ideas and inspiration. Such was the case just recently when one got hit with social isolation.

Most Americans have never experienced anything like this. We here in The Land of the Free are now feeling quite restricted. 'Land of The Confined' just doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Anxiety and feelings that range from bewilderment to outright fear can have a paralyzing effect on us.

So this customer's family discussed the situation over dinner and together vowed they would not succumb to any of that. Instead, they agreed to use the time for something "meaningful and productive." No boredom, no being a blob.

But do what? Stuck in the house... That was it! Focus on the house. Besides the usual cleaning and straightening up, they would remake the interior, including our favorite: framing and re-framing pictures and artwork.

People in this country have a long history of helping each other in times of distress. Realizing that many of us may also like to do some framing during this time, we decided to give a discount on our most popular collection.

So whether you're an army of one, or any number, please use code STAYHOME2020 for a 10% discount on our Black & White Family Gallery Collection.

We realize this is a small gesture and wish we could do more. Let's help each other out and, like our customer's inspirational family, make it through this tough time together.